CaseHub hints and tips

These notes are provided to assist with using the White Crane Academy CaseHub system

Why CaseHub?

We developed CaseHub for two main reasons:

  • To give WCA students a secure location for storing and sharing case studies. Prior to adopting CaseHub, students and teachers were sharing case studies via email which can lead to problems such as: confusion over file versions (which one is the most recent?), accidentally sending files to the wrong people, clogging up inboxes, etc.; and
  • To start building a corpus of CHM case studies for research and information.

What case study file types can I use?

The best format to use is PDF because your browser can display this format and nobody can tamper with it.

You are probably using Microsoft Word to create your case studies; files saved in Microsoft Word format have filenames ending in .docx. You can upload this format to CaseHub but anyone that wants to read your case study will have to download it and can edit it.

How do I convert docx files to PDF?

It's very easy. Depending on which Word package you're using, just select "Save As" or "Export" and choose "pdf" for the format or file extension.

You are aiming to save your case study as something like this: "my-case-study.pdf".

Can I upload images to CaseHub?

Yes. You can upload png, jpg and jpeg format image files.

What is the biggest file size I can upload?

You can upload files up to about 10MB.

If your files are bigger than this, you may not be able to upload them to CaseHub. In this case:

  • if you've included video in your case study document, please remove it and replace with a few images. Video files can be very big;
  • if the file is a docx file, try converting it to PDF format (for how to do this, see separate question)

How do I search the case study database?

Click the "Search" option at the top of the page and you will be taken to the search page.

The search page includes detailed information on how to create your queries.

Can I delete a file?

Yes. Go to your case study and click the trash can icon against the file you want to delete. You will be asked to confirm the deletion.

Can I replace a docx file with a PDF file?

Yes. There's a separate question about how to create your PDF file, but once you've done that the best way to replace the docx file is to delete it and then upload the PDF file.

Can I update a case study file with a newer version?

Yes. Go to your case study and click the circular arrow icon against the file you want to replace. You will then be taken to the file update page. The new version of the file will overwrite the old one.

Note that you can only use this function to update a file with a newer version of the same file type. You cannot use this update function to change file type, e.g. docx to PDF. For how to change the file type, see separate question.

As a teacher, how can I comment on student cases?

Teachers can upload files into a student's case study so please write your comments and feedback in a Microsoft Word file, give it a meaningful name like "Teacher notes" and upload the file to the relevant case study.

As the case study progresses you can add more notes into your "Teacher notes" file and use CaseHub's update function to upload the latest version of your notes file. Please see the earlier question Can I update a case study file with a newer version? for how to do this.