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Japanese Herbal Medicine (Kampo):
Past, Present and Future

Join us for a comprehensive day's seminar in Oxford and online, delving into the evolution of Japanese Herbal Medicine from its historical foundations to contemporary practices and future potential. Explore the rich tapestry of Japanese kampo and gain insights into how this tradition is shaping modern healthcare.


Join us for a unique opportunity to learn about the traditions and evolution of Japanese herbal medicine (or Kampo) from the eminent Dr. Denichiro Yamaoka, a senior and highly experienced practitioner from Japan.

A Day of Herbal Exploration: Join us for a captivating one-day immersion where the past, present, and future of herbal medicine converge. Dr. Yamaoka, a visionary in the field, will shed light on the ancient wisdom of Shan han lun, unravel the intricacies of Hara diagnosis, and offer a view into herbs and formulae through case studies.

The Power of Time Series Analysis: Dr. Yamaoka's expertise shines through as he explains the art of consultation, employing a unique "time series analysis" approach to building case histories - an  innovative method that can unlock deeper insights into patient care and well-being.

Navigating Tomorrow's Health Landscape: Dr. Yamaoka will delve into the pressing matter of Covid treatments and share insights into innovative strategies to face future viral challenges. His foresight illuminates the need to refresh our understanding of pathology and treatment paradigms, equipping us for whatever lies ahead.

Cultivating Nature's Essence: Dr. Yamaoka shares some of the insights and knowledge gained cultivating Chinese herbs alongside local Japanese farmers. He talks about the harmony of nature and tradition, where herbs are nurtured to their fullest potential under his expert guidance.

A Culinary and Intellectual Feast: As well as the unique opportunity to learn from a kampo master, delegates enjoy the opportunity to connect with fellow practitioners over a delicious vegetarian lunch, all in the prestigious ambiance of Linacre College, a constituent college of the University of Oxford.


Secure your spot today to be part of this exceptional seminar that promises to reshape the way you perceive herbal medicine. Elevate your practice, broaden your horizons, and forge connections that last a lifetime.

About the event


24 September, 2023

09:30 to 17:30


Linacre College
St. Cross Road, Oxford, OX1 3JA



Attending in person, includes lunch, £110

Attending online, £100

(Additional discounts available for WCA graduates and students at checkout)

For any enquiries please contact:
Michi Naomoto:
mob. +44 7739 477575

About Dr. Denichiro Yamaoka


Dr. Yamaoka is a preeminent practitioner of Okyu. He graduated from Ehime University School of Medicine in 1983 as a medical doctor, and later studied acupuncture at Norman Bethune College of Medicine in China. He led the Integrative Medical Faculty at the East Asian Traditional Medicine Center (EATM) of Ehime Prefectural Central Hospital, a relatively unusual set up even in Japan, while working as a medical doctor at the same hospital.


He has also studied medical anthropology with Dr. Margaret Lock at McGill University in Canada. Until his recent retirement, Dr. Yamaoka led, taught and studied tirelessly. He currently works as a psychiatrist at the Matsuyama Memorial Hospital, while practising Kampo medicine, acupuncture and moxibustion from the Ehime prefectural Central Hospital. He enjoys teaching young doctors and acupuncturists.

Who should attend

  • Practitioners of Kampo

  • Practitioners of Chinese Herbal Medicine and TCM

  • Acupuncturists

  • Herbalists and western herbal medicine practitioners

  • Healthcare professionals interested in gaining insights into Japanese approaches to healthcare

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